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Proposal of dishes, make your menu:

one starter, one main + accompaniment, one dessert


 Fresh tomato gazpacho
 Caviar of eggplant
 Grilled sweet pepper with garlic, parsley and olive oil
 Purse goat, honey, nuts, tomatoes and mixed salad
 Beefsteak tomatoes, Buffala foam and basil
 Steamed asparagus, breaded calf egg (only in season, spring)
 Raw zucchini salad, with parmesan cheese, lemon and pine nuts
 Crunchy gourmet peas, raw ham, parmesan cheese and sesame seeds (only in season, spring and summer)
 Baby spinach salad with truffle oil and Parmesan shavings
 Beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese and mustard sauce
 Fenel carpaccio, anchovy sauce
 Straciatella cheese, grilled bacon, black olives, sesam seeds
 Grilled sweet pepper and goat cheese terrine
 Cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar tart tatin, arugula and Buffala
 Parmesan shortbread and grilled vegetables tart
 Mix of vegetables, fruits and flowers salad, mini Buffala bowls
 Ricotta and truffle oil big raviole
 Stuffed zucchini flowers, goat & honey, ricotta & confit tomatoes (only in season, spring and sometimes summer)
 Avocado and crab tiramisu
 Fresh avocado and shrimp starter
 Large prawns in garlic and fresh tomato ceviche
 Tartar of fresh tuna, mango, avocado, wasabi mouss
 Tartar of fresh Atlantic salmon, avocado, soya sauce

Main course


 Herbed roast leg of lamb
 Rack of lamb in fresh herbal crust
 Roasted saddle of lamb in the oven, garlic, herbes


 Spiced roast leg of chicken, olives and lemon
 Provençale style chicken tenderloins with tomatoes and tapenade
 Stuffed chicken breast, with pesto


 Pork tenderloin with tomatoes and black olives
 Pork tenderloin, in crust with morel
 Breaded pork tenderloin, mustard sauce


 Paned beef pavé with seasoned thyme jus OR foie gras cream OR bearnaise sauce
 Bourguignon beef ( pieces of beef cooked with red wine sauce, carots)
 Grilled roast beef


 Roasted breast of duck


 Veal Gremolata
 Grenadine of veal with mushroom cream


 Back of cod in lemon and olive oil, roasted in hoven
 Large scallops, carrot and coconut purée
 Monkfish tail, spicy tomato sauce, rice
 Grilled turbot pavé, lemon and shallot cream
 Medallion of chopped monkfish, chorizo sauce
 Salmon pavé in fresh herbal and parmesan cheese crust
 All kind of fish, entire or fillet, according the season and arrival

BBQ according the house equipment


 Tomatoes provençale
 Rice with zucchinis
 Mashed potatoes, olive oil
 Provençal Ratatouille
 Provençal tian
 Boulghour or Quinoa with murhroom de Paris
 Polenta with olives
 Potato gratin
 Zucchini strands in pesto
 Roasted vegetables
 Zucchini flan, tomato sauce


 Seasonal fruit crumble
 Chocolate mousse OR Espelette piment chocolate mousse
 Tiramisu of coffee OR limoncello OR red fruit OR apricot
 Seasonal roasted fruit
 Millefeuille of seasonal fruit
 Coconut panacotta with fresh mango
 Vanilla panacotta with red fruits sauce
 Tartlet of red fruit with vanilla cream
 Hot soft chocolate cake, passion fruit OR Raspberry salted butter caramel sauce OR red sweet pepper sauce
 Deconstructed lemon tart
 Tonka bean crème brulée
 Ile flottante (villa cream with egg white in snow)
 Fruits platter with chocolate sauce
 Lime cheesecake
 Thousand holes crepe, sweet and sour red fruits

If you want something special, suggest it to me. It’s necessary for me to know if there is any allergie, intolerance etc. I adapt all my menu according to gluten, dairy free diet.

The presentation of the various dishes will be made according to your equipment (plate, glass cup …)
All my preparations are with fresh products, the proposals vary according to the seasons, (on request, depending on the period of the service)
This is a non-exhaustive list.

I’m really proud to make you discover Provencal cook, but I would be really happy to cook according to your wish.

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first !

You will find below some of the ingredients and dishes I have made.

And so many other dishes to offer you !!!!!!