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  • Le 17 août à 21:51, par Conall Dunne

    Wow ! What a wonderful evening in Provence with Chef Nadege and her mother ....They designed and cooked a lovely Provencal dinner for 10 family members in the evening sunshine to the soundtrack of cicadas in the trees...A beautiful appetizer of goat cheese pouches with fresh vegetables, followed by a fantastic roast lamb with lightly grilled vegetables and lovely tasty ratatouille. Dessert was baked apricots with accompaniments including lavender mousse !....A truly memorable evening.....Thank you Chef Nadege and your mama !

  • Le 28 juillet 2022 à 12:34, par Simon Pavey

    Nadege cooked for our family whilst on holiday. She was an absolute pleasure and we were really pleased to have found her.

    The cooking was 1st class. Local, seasonal, fresh and flull of flavour. Just what we wanted.

    Nadege is a geniunine lovely person and nice to have around the house and be part of our holiday.

  • Le 13 juillet 2022 à 23:19, par Viggy Mokkarala

    Chef Nadege cooked for me and my family this summer on May 15th at the villa we rented in St Remy de Provence. Our party or 7 had 3 vegetarians, Chef Nadege and discussed vegetarian options via email and settled on a suitable menu in advance. On the day, we left the keys for her while we toured around and she arrived around 3 pm by herself and was preparing the meal when we returned by 6 pm or so. Dinner was served around 7:30 pm in the backyard.

    The table was set up nicely with floral and leaf decorations from the yard. The stuffed zucchini was delicious as were the large prawns in garlic and fresh tomato ceviche. The parmesan shortbread tart with grilled vegetables was a lovely mixture of textures.

    Zucchini and lemon risotto for the vegetarians (it was delicious - I had a taste from my wife) and large scallops with carrot and coconut puree for the rest of us. The decadent potato gratin accompaniment was perhaps the most fattening item we ate during the entire trip, but it was delicious !

    And the coup de grace was the hot soft chocolate cake with passion fruit salted butter caramel, Mmmm....

    Chef Nadege was most gracious in all aspects of the service and took great care of all of us. From shopping to cleaning up the kitchen, it was an outstanding turnkey service. I recommend hiring her highly !

  • Le 5 septembre 2019 à 21:45, par Pamela Murphy

    We are so lucky and honoured to have found Chef Nadége. Every part of the experience was exquisite and these will be evenings and meals to remember & cherish. Some of us had certain dietary requirements, Nadége skill-fully crefted awesome dishes that took our taste-buds to a higher octave. We cant wait to come back and experience the delight that is Nadége. We give her as many stars as we can.

  • Le 24 février 2019 à 10:52, par Robyn Packard

    Nadege came to our accommodation and cooked a magnificent Provençal meal for five of us in Les Baux in July 2018. She was effortless in her execution and was present when we had questions but otherwise discreet and professional. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nadege for anyone who wants a lovely traditional meal cooked for them with fresh ingredients and lovely stories about the courses.
    Robyn, Sydney Australia

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