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Terms of Sales

Home Chef

Rate per person
(excepting total for the shopping list, for which count 20 % supplement)


Service for a minimum of 6 people.
The menu will be the same for all the guests, except for those with allergies or intolerances, or different choices for children are required. It is very important that I be notified if there are specific allergy problems.


A quote will be established after meeting with you at your place of residence, or by e-mail if necessary, to discuss your needs and desires as well as my services.
The rates quoted are valid for 1 month (starting from quote date). After this deadline, they may be subject to modification in response to changes in economic conditions.
A 30 % deposit will be paid on acceptance of the quote.

Payment of the balance

The remaining 70 % will be settled on the day of the service.


Any cancellation must be made a minimum of 3 weeks in advance, otherwise the deposit will not be returned.
Cancellation in less than 1week : payment of the quote in full will be required, as compensation (as per the reservation registered beforehand).


For any travel outside of St Rémy de Provence, travelling costs will be factored and included in the quote.


To guarantee the quality and freshness of the proposed products, I depend on market availability and thus may be required to modify my menus accordingly.
In the event that not all the dishes prepared are consumed during the service, you must protect them from heat and any cold lower than 4° in temperature. I shall assume no responsibility resulting from bad preservation of this product after completion of my service and departure from your place of residence.
All fresh products are transported in an isothermal icebox for the duration of delivery to your place of residence.

Premises and equipment

The kitchen and equipment must be made available to me 3 hours before the beginning of the meal.
The kitchen must be appropriately clean and in good order.
There must be space free in the refrigerator and the freezer for the storage of goods during preparation and service.
The dishwasher must be empty.

My service includes

Time spent on purchasing all products.
Transport to and from the property within a 70km round trip. (For further distances, an extra charge will be added).
Preparation of the meal.
Setting table.
Service of meal and clearing up dishes.
Cleaning and tidying of kitchen and restoring it to its previous state before use.


I cook the dishes on the premises. However, I may make some preparations in advance to facilitate the organization of my service or for qualitative reasons (marinades, foie gras, desserts with prior temperature requirements).
I will inform you about any of these during implementation of the menu.

In case of impediment or force majeure

I can free myself from my obligations or suspend execution of these if I am unable to assume them in a case of absolute necessity (war, riots, demonstrations, exceptional weather conditions.)


In the case of the necessity of a court settlement, all disputes will come under the jurisdiction of the court of Tarascon.

Responsibility / insurance

You are solely responsible for any physical and/or material injury caused by you or your dinner guests within the framework and during the course of my service.
You must thus be covered by civil liability insurance and make sure that your accommodation is appropriately insured.

Breakfast supply and shopping service

Rate per person
(excepting time for shopping, for which count 20 % supplement.)
All fresh products are transported in an isothermal icebox for the duration of delivery to your place of residence.